Jackpot Royale™ Full House™


Game Snapshot

Spin for success in this 5×5 prize grid game featuring Full House™ and Jackpot Royale™. Play your 5 spins to try and complete Full house™. At the end of the spins either start a new game, collect a prize or choose to spin again to try and win a bigger prize all the way up to Jackpot Royale™!



Studio Blueprint
RTP 95% + JPR
Category Jackpot Royale Full House
Game Theme Jackpot Royale Full House
Paylines 12 (Full House)
Min/Max Bet 0.10 / 100 - default 1
Features Cash Ladder JPK Wheel King, Re buy, Jackpot King
Reels 5 x 5 Grid
Regions MI
Volatility Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi
Features Jackpot Royale



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Jackpot Royale™ Full House™ Jackpot Royale™ Full House™