What is

Jackpot Royale™

Jackpot Royale™ is the North America exclusive version of the successful multi-game Jackpot King system, featuring three progressive jackpots. The jackpot product will have a continually expanding game library of slots, full house and scratch cards games, that all contribute to operator state jackpots.

We will launch at least 1 new jackpot game every month.   



  • Jackpot Royale pot with an average win of $175,000 and reseed of $70,000
  • Major pot with an average win of $25,000  and reseed of $7,500
  • Maxi pot win an average win of $5,000 and reseed of $2,000
  • Total contribution rate is 1%, covering the main pot and reseed contributions for the three progressive pots
  • Major and Maxi pots include a ‘Last Win’ display so players have a visual representation of actual pot drop amount.

How does it work?

Trigger Mechanic

On any game that is linked to the Jackpot Royale™ system, randomly during any spin, achieving the required number of  ‘Jackpot Royale’ scatter symbols in view will activate the Jackpot Royale bonus. For Scratchcard and fullhouse games the trigger mechanic will be the revealing of a Jackpot Royale symbol during a game. Once the bonus has been triggered, after a short screen transition the player enters the feature bonus. The bonus consists of a set of reels with brand symbols and a new win plan (total bet multiplier values).



The Jackpot Royale overall progressive contribution is 1.0% contribution rate for all products. This covers the pot contribution and reseed amounts for all three progressive pots.

Reseed value for Jackpot Royale is an average of $70,000 with $7,500 for the Major pot and $2,000 for the Maxi pot. The main Jackpot Royale pot reseed average is 40% of the triggering value (excluding the initial win, which is inclusive of any starting seed amount).


Contribution Values:

  • Maxi pot – 0.133%  
  • Major pot – 0.167% 
  • Jackpot Royale – 0.7% 



1) Important to have homepage coverage of mutlipe games postioned in a row

2) Purpose built homepage Jackpot Royale display, creates a home for JR content and a place to launch a new jackpot title each month for immediate high exposure

3) Jackpot Tickers on game tiles show real time the Jackpot amounts, increases click through

4) Dedicated Jackpot tab or section so players can locate all Jackpot content more quickly. 

5) Marketing to tell new and existing players when Jackpot amounts are big




Q: How many Jackpot games will there be?

A: There will be 10 available on launch, then atleast 1 new Jackpot game will be added to the system each month

Q: What percentage of stake jackpot contribution options are there available?

A: There is a single contribution rate of 1% regardless of product type.

Q: How is the jackpot contribution split across the three pots?

A: The split is 70/30 for Jackpot Royale pot vs Major & Maxi pots.

Q:Will there be a jackpot feed provided?

A: White Hat Studios will provide a jackpot feed upon integration. The jackpot feed will contain all relevant information necessary to display the jackpot and ‘Last Won’ values on-site.

Q: Are the reseed values taken directly from contributions?
Yes, the reseeds are taken from contributions.

Q: Are there any minimum stake requirements to win a jackpot?

A: The minimum stake for Jackpot slots is $0.50. Any pot can be won on any stake above the minimum.